Mobility needs to ciculate pleasure and love throughout the universe.
The company will experience the productivity increase through social mobility.
Communicating each other should always involve truth and love.


Mobility is accessing information “Anywhere Anytime”. In Agerigna, we provide a mobility solution using a cost effective mobile computing and communications that is easy to use, flexible and can be customized to meet a specific need. Agerigna Mobility enables access to the right information at the right time and communicates it to the right people to improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and bottom line results. A large company, organization or association which requires communicating and sharing information with its members is one of the areas that Agerigna mobility is effectively applied.


All our products are available for mobiles and smartphones devices. Users can access to the right information at their fingertips from anywhere. In addition, with the advanced push technology, users are confident to get notification on updated information.

Social Networking

We have a powerful and high-tech social networking engine, that connects every member efficiently with instant messaging. In addition, our engine supports photo and file sharing for creating a more collaborative environment.

Full Customization

Our dedicated domain expertize analyze customer’s business requirements and work with development team to implement a mobility services that suit your company ecosystem.


Our end-to-end mobile service improves your company’s operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and bottom line results. In addition, it will help for making strategically decisions based on mobility.

Agerigna Amharic SNS

Agerigna is designed to help Ethiopian people better communicate with their smartphone devices in their own language, Amharic. It has an embedded Amharic Keyboard which allow the users to easily communicate.
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Assocation Chat

Agerigna Association Chat is designed and customized for your organizations. It brings members close by allowing them to share their ideas and experience. In addition, the application enables the organization to reach its members in an efficient way.
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Intra- chat transforms your company working environment by creating a more collaborative environment between employees. Your employees will take advantage of a new and efficient way of communication. The application makes your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.
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Recent news

[Korea IT Times] Agerigna, the Social Networking Service provider to the Ethiopian community, has released an Amharic Keyboard released for IOS Version. This is the first of its kind. Following its release of Amharic Keyboard on Android, the company believes this function will help integrate Ethiopians using iphone to the application...

Agerigna has the proven a practical experience. If your company needs a mobility support, please don't hesitate to Contact Us .

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